If I Could Draw Life歌词-YOASOBI

If I Could Draw Life歌词-YOASOBI

If I Could Draw Life – YOASOBI
Composed by:Ayase/Konnie Aoki
To see how that moon is shining beauty
While I’m all by myself surrounded by trees
On the edge of departure to be starting my journey
Up to that day reliving’s came across my view
Few riches that we had
However all this kindness stood by me
My mother’s own
That sketching I was drawing and painted on
I love it she voiced it was caring that was shown
So we could make a living
She gave her dream away went to work instead
And even so to come the day we parted
Then we came to meet and in such a time
Falling for you I learned of real love
See I was feeling that joy was bound to be
So state why’s it that all I’m treasuring has been fading to end
In a cruel realm of gathering woes
I convey byes to all
I need to go and meet up with you straight away
Proceeding up to where you now remain
Heart is with you forgive me
All at once I heard your voice
And it caught me off guard
So acting to end everything in that style
Wish to be departed and gone
Can’t anymore encounter people as you know
On nights full moon is seen
And I could not reach for that side
I fell to end up on the ground it’s been surprising
The moon chatted with me
At that very time gave me a mystifying talent
Powers crept out
I pour life into things I see and draw
As I distribute with this power
Even all the dying greenery
Restoring all the essence too
And I could give it this time that I hold and I’m left to live
I spread it to all the life I was then drawing
Small pieces I divided it into
Then I found a meaning to my life
So was everything when I got to meet you
Resembling me
You have been over the days living in the woes
And when I tried to leave before and end it on my own
Got mad at me for it all
In the bat of an eye I was mesmerized
But I know you already have somebody who’s so dear to you
He went on and betrayed you and you know it’s wrong
And even so to reside inside you love for him to flow
So now he’s on the way to a fade-out
Life to lose all hues
You kept on crying and it was his name you called
It took that sight of you to make me realize
Amid a single day
So committed all the soul to drawing
To pour in my life in what I sketched out
And from there he was restored opening eyes
I made it happen it’s a miracle painted
As you were shedding tears
Coming from you blissfully
Sparing no trial
Want to have you knowing my thought
Finally listen
In that way giving me the joy to live my life again
I will tell you I so truly had love for you deep inside
See you goodbye
In the end it’s just me
As I’m picturing you my mom is in my thoughts
Was thinking of you and slowly closing my eyes
End of the line of such a long journey
Finally united again


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