Strangers By Nature歌词-Adele

Strangers By Nature歌词-Adele

Strangers By Nature – Adele
Lyrics by:Adele Adkins/Ludwig Göransson
Composed by:Adele Adkins/Ludwig Göransson
I’ll be taking flowers to the cemetery of my heart
For all of my lovers in the present and in the dark
Every anniversary I’ll pay respects and say I’m sorry
For they never stood chances if they could
When no one knows what it’s like to be us
I’ve never seen the sky this color before
It’s like I’m noticing everything a little bit more
Now that all the dust has settled
I rebut all my rebuttals
No one knows what it’s like to be us
Strangers by nature
Strangers by nature
Will I ever get there
Oh I hope that someday I’ll learn to nurture what I’ve done
Uh huh hm
Uh huh hm hm hm
Uh huh hm hm hm
Hm hm hm hm
Alright then I’m ready


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