Love is Pain歌词-FINNEAS

Love is Pain歌词-FINNEAS

Love is Pain – FINNEAS
Lyrics by:Finneas O’Connell
Composed by:Finneas O’Connell
Say it’s not enough to be in love
You need to prove it somehow
It’s not dollar signs or pick up lines
Or anything that you could kiss away now
That sinking feeling that you get
When you say something you’ll regret
‘Cause you were jealous of some stranger
That she met when you were gone
You feel insane
‘Cause love is pain
Say it’s not okay to feel that way
It’s real you may not make her happy
So what’s wrong with me
If honestly
I wanna be the only way she can be
That hallow feeling in your chest
As you both wordlessly undress
After a fight it’s getting late
You tried hеr best but then she criеd
And you’re to blame
And love is pain
Don’t believe anyone
Who tells you any different
If it’s easy if it’s fun
Something’s missing
There’s this dream I’ve had ’bout mom and dad
Makes me so sad I wake up crying
Can’t believe I’ll have to live through that
Wish it wasn’t mandatory dyin’
We go through life we play pretend
Act like it doesn’t have to end
It’s all alright until your friends
Runs a red light
You watch his car burst into flames
Love is pain


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